For Isko and Soorty, two powerful voices in the denim industry who just joined to “change and offer new methods of working and doing business” for companies and their contemporaries, “strength in numbers” takes on a new meaning.

By growing their respective “responsible innovations,” Isko and Soorty claim they’ve established a new business model — the first of its kind in the industry, according to the brands — that has the ability to “transform working habits for the better and unleash value for the whole market.”

Their powers combined have resulted in a meaningful shift “from competition to virtuous cooperation,” the companies said. Isko, a Turkey-based denim ingredient brand and Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company, signed a licensing agreement for a partnership that involves blending Isko’s expertise in denim technologies and Soorty’s extensive vertical production network — it’s a powerful combination that will create new business opportunities for both brands, and allow them to “meet customers’ needs on a greater scale.”

Both firms are actively involved in the denim industry’s sustainability, inclusivity, technology, and education, and are “motivated by a shared strategy that values synergy, cross-fertilization, and a continual desire for progress.”

The Isko Future Face by Soorty collection, a patented woven fabric with the look of a knit that combines a soft, silky finish with comfort, enhanced shape retention, and a flattering drape while maintaining all the properties of true denim, is the first collaborative effort, according to the companies.

“With this cooperation, we are paving the road toward the implementation of new best practises that will revolutionise the industry forever,” said Marco Lucietti, Isko’s head of Strategic Projects. We genuinely think that moving beyond the traditional definition of competition may help to drive change for the better: better customer service, a better business, and a better future.”