Isko’s Collection Vol. 2 adds more colours and technological characteristics to the four product lines presented in the Vol. 1 collection. Isko applied washes that vary from blue to black and provide a naturally green hue to the Denim Lovers collection. The Simplify collection includes a selection of the company’s best-selling stretch, comfort, and stiff fabrics.
The new Euphoria line by Isko is a collection of textiles that convey runway-ready appearances with glitter, eye-catching coatings, and other expressive accents. Isko’s Jeather, a vegan substitute to real leather, has a “figure-hugging, attractive fit” and is available in matte and glossy finishes. The smooth and drapey materials improve the look and feel of casual yet adaptable clothing. Each of the four product lines is entirely made of recycled polyester obtained from PET bottles.
In the spirit of circularity, the denim industry is working together to transition away from virgin materials. Isko is striving to raise its recycled material composition to more than 50%, and R-Two is assisting the firm in this endeavour. High launched a Spring/Summer 2021 collection in February that included a women’s denim jacket and jeans created from Isko’s R-2 family of circular textiles.

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