All members of MOA.

Dear Sirs/Madam, 

Minutes of the meeting with Member Banks under ATUFS and Previous Versions of TUFS held on 25th September 2020 – reg. 

This is to inform you that a meeting was held under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Roop Rashi, Textiles Commissioner on 25th September 2020, with the Member Banks to discuss the following under ATUFS and previous versions of TUFS:

1.     PFMS related issue for final disbursement of subsidy 

2.     Wrong account number provided in UID details 

3.     Finance provided by State Finance Corporations (SFCs) 

4.     Issues related to merging of banks 

5.     Timely uploading of 6 mandatory documents for special JIT of previous versions of TUFS 

6.     Roles and responsibilities of bank’s representative in JIT 

A copy of the Minutes of Meeting is attached for your kind perusal and information. 

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