Mumbai 24 July 2021: Conceived and founded by Prachi Saraf, Vyusti is India’s newest sustainable fashion brand, offering a unique curation of traditional Indian handloom apparel and accessories.

The brand name ‘Vyusti’, is rooted in Devanagari Sanskrit, and it means independence, growth and prosperity!

Vyusti reflects India’s rich culture and heritage through its unique hand-woven pieces built on the foundation of purity, craftsmanship and durability. Each garment at Vyusti is hand-woven using organic threads, creating fabrics of the highest quality that’s truly sustainable.

The brand closely works with various craft clusters across India with the deepest sense of respect and enables them to adapt to the evolving consumer preferences and current trends.  The looms being hand-woven, possess a unique look that reminds us of the beauty found in nature and each creation is a masterpiece on its own. The intricate texture, rich colour and woven patterns can leave anyone spellbound!

At Vyusti, every garment tells a unique story which makes it a unique piece of art that goes far beyond style and glamour. Designs at Vyusti are heirloom pieces of impeccable quality, lasting value & fair pricing.

The brand mainly celebrates craft and textile of India’s western and southern region i.e. Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively through its design collection.

The collection is further segmented into five signature capsules:

KarvatKati: The Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is the place of the origin of the Karvath Kati (saw-edged) saree, so named after the border design which resembles saw-teeth. This woven saree is handcrafted using Tussar silk and symbolizes celebration and prosperity. It’s usually worn for auspicious rituals and weddings. The designs have been drawn from the flora and fauna around Vidarbha and also from the Ramtek temple motifs.

Himroo: The ravages of time and the passages of history have slowly driven the chapters of glory into bygone memories, and so this weave is known as a dying art. But, in the narrow lanes of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, a splendid tradition of this intricately woven fabric still struggles to survive. The word Himroo originated from the Persian word Hum-ruh which means ‘similar’, therefore it’s inspired by Persian designs & has a very distinctive appearance to it.

Paithani: A royalty among sarees, Paithani holds a treasured place in the trousseau of every Maharashtrian bride. Symbolising the spirit of true Maharashtrian culture, the ‘Queen of Silks’ is called so rightly because only royals and aristocrats once wore it. Every piece is characterized by a luxurious and liberal use of gold, floral and bird-inspired motifs. The intricacy of designs & traditional complex patterns along with a joyful intermingling of hues creates the delicate illusion of shifting colours on this weave.

Chitradurga: This weave originates in the Chitradurga district in Karnataka and has drawn its inspiration deeply from nature. It has a stylized depiction of flowers, leaves and trees. Other natural motifs are frequently seen decorating the borders of this saree. Inspired by the grand architecture of temples in this region, these motifs are usually incorporated along the thick borders of these sarees. Their pleasing geometric shapes & interlocking symmetry add immense beauty to the garment.

Bagalkot: This weave originates in the district of Bagalkot in Karnataka and represents the strength of a women’s traditional attire. It is an essential contribution to the world’s cultural heritage & diversity. These saris are woven in shades of dark indigo, purple, red, and green. The traditional style pallu (edge of the sari) and the body are joined together with a technique called “Kondi”. This sari is distinguished by its conventional patterns with motifs of centipedes, dots, & triangles.

Speaking on the launch of Vyusti, Founder, Prachi Saraf says, “I decided to start Vyusti, a fashion platform for our artisans or karigars after witnessing the impact of the pandemic on their livelihood. They were among the worst affected in the fashion industry.

We work closely with our weavers to enable them to adapt to our evolving consumer preferences and current trends.  Ours are not just pieces of clothing, they’re heirlooms of impeccable quality, lasting value & fair pricing.

The idea is to give back to a community that has been working tirelessly and selflessly for generations without expecting very much in return. Through Vyusti, I want to make a difference in their lives and help them grow and to make sure that in the years to come, the life they lead, is one out of choice and not helplessness.”

Vyusti takes pride in offering designs for both men and women with a fine balance between traditional and modern Indian sensibilities.

Vyusti is geared towards reviving the ailing handloom industry by nurturing its artisans through its CSR initiative, Vyusti Trust. It aims to provide them with all benefits for them to lead a better & brighter future and eventually emerge as skilled artisans, designers and entrepreneurs.