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Interview of Mr. K. Mohanrao, Director (Technical), Sivaswati Textile, Guntur

Published: April 10, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
  1. Could you please tell us a little bit about Siva Swati Textiles?

Siva Swati Textiles was started in the year 2005 with an installed capacity of 60,624 spindles. We are processing counts between Ne 40 and Ne 60 in both warp and hosiery. Our registered office is at Ganapavaram, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.

  1. You have been associated with Savio for years.Please tell us about your experience with Savio.

Savio makes excellent machines. We appreciate Savio’s constant attention to technical development and upgrades.Savio is also very cooperative, and they respond to our queries quickly and support us promptly. We are very glad to associate with Savio, as our experience has always been very pleasant.

  1. What were the deciding factors for you to select SavioEcoPulsarS PLUS winder?

The winder model EcoPulsarS PLUS is built on a different platform from regular automatic winders and features individual suction, which is a key highlight of the machine. The higher production and reduced hard waste are other advantages. Further, manual doffing is made easier in EcoPulsarS PLUS, thanks to the cradle with the touch sensor.

  1. Having used it, what features do you like the best in SavioEcoPulsarS PLUS?

We are happy with the EcoPulsarS’ advanced technology which enables efficient winding. The individual suction system for each spindle uses energy only during bobbin changes and splicing.This enables huge energy saving as compared to the common suction model. This machine is also operator friendly. We have been able to realise in actual practise what we expected when we bought the machine.

  1. Apart from technology, what is your feedback on after-sales support?

The after-sales support from Savio is good. The after-sales support team is knowledgeable, supportive, and regularly visits us. They also suggest technical upgrades and developments to us.

  1. Could you share your experience about working with A.T.E.?

A.T.E. is a highly professional sales organisation with a knowledgeable sales team.  We enjoy an excellent relationship with A.T.E. and are very pleased to work with them for all our projects.

  1. What are your future expansion plans?

At present we do not have any plans for expansion. A.T.E. is a multi-product company and is always helpful by suggesting us the upgrades required for the existing machines and processes. When we make our plans, we will be in touch with A.T.E.

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