The Intertextile Directions Trend Forum, to be held at the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics-Autumn Edition 2020, has unveiled ‘Transition’ as the theme for the Autumn/ Winter 2021-22 apparel fabric trends. The four key trends, to be shown from September 23-25, 2020, includes Feel Good, Impact, Preservation, and Lyric, inspired by the new generation.

The 2020 decade is about meshing up past and present, tradition and future, and technology and craft to determine the new trends for fashion. While the trends for Autumn / Winter 2021-22 focus on comfort, self-expression and reconnection to nature, evolution and transformation in the fashion industry is also further promoting a circular economy, inclusivity and the rational use of global resources to protect and preserve shared cultures.
Feel Good represents a retrospective feeling for tenderness. The gentle atmosphere reinvents the basics in a new emotional light. The trend represents an appreciation of the composition of natural and artificial materials with a simple, comfortable, therapeutic effect can create warmth. It includes a broad range of soft coloured neutrals and gentles tones, reflecting textural feelings and senses. It consists of protective, functional, inflated and padded materials, that create a new warmer, cozier look, while dense combed wools and soft brushed surfaces add a vintage feel, according to a press release by Messe Frankfurt.

Impact is about reshaping the idea of elegance in a contemporary spirit, functional, sharp, essential, and inspired by the ’90s tech world. It consists of trends that represent beauty with dynamism, with a sharpened aesthetic sense transcending time and liberation from fixed concepts. It consists of bright colours in harmonious dissonances or monochromes, with a range of masculine-inspired neutrals. Fabric mix includes recycled polyester and cotton to pump up the volume, jersey, and jacquard knit with geometric design, as well as extravagant prints, macramé and guipure laces in strong colours. Preservation consists of new appreciation in the preservation of cultures and products that have withstood the test of time to construct conscious lifestyle focused on the reconnection to nature. Honesty, integrity, individuality will be prized character traits. It consists of a palette that is both aged and optimistic, nurtured by organic, mineral, vegetable, soil elements evoking earth and forests. Sustainable fabrics such as eco fur, leather look and coarse stiff cottons with functional coatings are used, with cultural reference for jacquards and natural camouflage prints. Lyric is about revolutionising the codes of opulence with a flamboyant spirit rebelling against minimalism. It represents an attitude shared with a generation who wants to reconnect with the highly codified norms of elegance. The accent is placed on colours with a luxurious aura, historical, dramatic and like a parade. Fabrics range from dense rich satins, cloqué, moiré and taffeta to crushed velvet and fine chenille. Multicolour new baroque florals in jacquard or print are also highlighted.