India, March, 2022

Kaya, India’s leading skincare & the largest dermatologist network enabled brand,recently unveiled a new identity, symbolic of a strategic realignment with its ever growing young consumer base. Punctuated by this new purpose fuelled mantra, “Beautiful is You”, the brand has launched its latest digital campaign- #WhatWomenWant for International Women’s Day, that aims to celebrate women exactly the way they want to be celebrated.

Over 85% of Kaya’s team comprises of women.In line with this differentiated static when organisations worldwide are moving towards a diversity agenda, Kaya has been walking the talk by hiring women in every department, including the senior leadership team to every department at every level of the organisation’s mix. The brand truly believes that one should be celebrated for their unique choices and empowered with opportunities to do want what they want, without being judged for the same.

It is said that women’s minds are like a browser with a hundred tabs open, simultaneously. While there is not much one can say to object this, understanding what a woman wants is not always as complicated as it’s made out to be. Women are strong and beautiful, they know exactly what they want and how they want it. They know how they want to be viewed, treated and respected by everyone in every sphere of their lives.Through this campaign Kaya is celebrating women clearly through their lens only, which is how it should be!

This International Women’s Day, Kaya asked women #WhatWomenWant to showcase proudly the fabulousness of what women really expect.

Samyukta Ganesh Iyer, VP and Head of Marketing, Kaya said, “Kaya believes and respects that each individual knows their beauty desires best and must be empowered with free will free to fulfill each of those in the way you personally best deem fit, because you know best! This International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate these beautiful women and give them a platform to be candid and share what women are truly seeking, deeply thinking and really expecting.The answers were super unfiltered and candid and we absolutely loved it as that is the true essence of Kaya – a culture of you do you. Our campaign #WhatWomenWant calls for a celebration of this uniqueness and gorgeousness.

 The brand film saw influencers like NauheedCyrusi, Siddhi Mehta, RajshreeSawant, DikshaChutani and Mehak J who gave answers that weresassy, a tad quirky, eliciting knowing glances and unknowing head nods from other women; mocking stereotypes and prejudices, while describing what women actually want and enjoy.