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Institute of Chemical Technology Hosts Successful 6th Late Prof. W.B. Achwal Oration Endowment

Published: April 10, 2023

The 6th Late Prof. W.B. Achwal Oration Endowment, organized by the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, was a successful event that brought together renowned dignitaries and stakeholders of the textile chemical industry. The endowment session was attended by Textile Commissioner Smt. Roop Rashi, Mr. Ulhas Nimkar (Chairman, NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.), Professor A.B. Pandit, and the daughter and son of Late Prof. W.B. Achwal, Dr. Deepti Deobagkar and Mr. Abhijit Achwal respectively.


The event started with a presentation on the biography of the late Prof. W.B. Achwal by Dr. Ravindra D. Kale, the Head of the Department of Fibers and Textile Processing Technology. Dr. Deepti Deobagkar also delivered a short speech on her father, followed by Vice Chancellor A.B. Pandit’s welcome address, where he shared his fond memories of Achwal.

The highlight of the event was Mr. Ulhas Nimkar’s thought-provoking lecture on the topic ‘Clothing 8 Billion’. Mr. Nimkar addressed the issue of textile waste and the harmful effects of chemicals used in the textile industry. He discussed what the industry is currently doing and what it can do in the future to minimize textile waste and use sustainable and eco-friendly methods in textile production.

The event concluded with a high tea session, which provided an opportunity for the guests to network and continue their discussions. Overall, the event was a great success, bringing together experts and stakeholders from the textile chemical industry to discuss important issues and share their knowledge and experiences.

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