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Yarn Expo Autumn addresses thriving sustainability demands for this season

Published: October 26, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Yarn Expo Autumn welcomed 429 exhibitors from seven countries and regions from 9 – 11 October at hall 8.2 of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The fair served as a much-needed trading platform for over 13,000 visitors who were sourcing in-person for the latest innovation in fibres and yarns, while its fringe programme covered fibre fashion trends, sustainability and other popular topics that promote the development of the industry.

Ms Wendy Wen, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd commented: “We are glad that Yarn Expo Autumn provided valuable face-to-face communication opportunities for the fibre and yarn industry during this challenging period. With national policies that promote a greener and more sustainable textile industry, exhibitors showcased their recycled, value-added and carbon-neutral products at the fair to help visitors achieve new business goals. Among the visitors, genuine buyers accounted for a high proportion and we saw increasing demand in both domestic and overseas products. Yarn Expo was one of the most popular halls of all the fairs taking place this October since fibres and yarns make up the start of the textile supply chain.”


The New Fibre New World – Textile Materials Innovation Forum covered specific topics including ‘Green & Sustainable Fibre’ and ‘Domestic Lyocell Fibre’, shedding light on the importance of raw materials and how domestic brands are catching up with the high requirements on environmental protection and social responsibility. Meanwhile, the fair’s online business matching platform, E-Source, will be accessible till November. This will continue to support international exhibitors and buyers in addressing sourcing needs with Yarn Expo’s diverse range of sustainable as well as functional products on offer.


Exhibitor feedback
“The main products we are showcasing are imported cotton yarns from India, Malaysia and Vietnam. There are a lot of visitors and there is interest to buy – the current market situation is people are looking for better priced products in comparison to what is available in China. Yarn Expo is a platform that serves as a real springboard for meeting customers and selling our products in China.”
Mr Manish Jain, Manager, Shangsheng Textile Co Ltd, China

“We have brought our yarns from Vietnam to the fair this time. We saw an increase in demand for imported yarns because more people have requirements for raw materials while having concerns about cost, therefore they would like to learn more about them. Yarn Expo maintained its scale and quality despite the pandemic, as we have met plenty of buyers with purchasing intention.”
Ms Kelly Gao, Executive – IBD Yarn, Texperts India Pvt Ltd, India

“At present, there is still a gap between domestic cotton and US cotton, as high-end companies have high requirements for dyeing and bleaching – areas that domestic cotton cannot fully achieve. China’s latest Five-Year Plan also boosted the demand for high quality and sustainable products, which helps us promote our US cotton. There is a high level of inquiry for organic imports as well as the product origin and sustainable aspects.”
Ms Shaoping Li, Senior Manager, China Supply Chain, Marketing – Yarn and Home Textiles, Cotton Council International, USA


“We are showcasing our green fibre REBORN series, which has generated a lot of interest among visitors. They inquired about the products’ functionality and credibility. Green materials related to sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption will see a big leap in the next six to 12 months. In the past, it was mostly overseas brands and suppliers who would visit our booth, but this year more domestic companies have come to learn about us and our development direction, which is evidence of the increasing awareness for green materials.”
Mr Forest Chu, Deputy General Manager of Brand Operation, Jiangsu Shenghong Science and Technology Co Ltd, China


“This is our second time participating at Yarn Expo as we hope to reach out to more customers and promote our phase-change materials and microcapsule series products. The fair attracts a lot of quality visitors, especially domestic visitors. Many of them reflected that they have been using imported products of higher cost, longer delivery time and there is a certain gap between the price and performance of these products and what consumers are demanding. Therefore we see an opportunity for our domestic products, which also have a wide range of applications.”
Mr Patrick Xu, Sales Manager, Shanghai Xinya New Material Technology Co Ltd, China


Buyer comments


“At the fair, I saw a lot of environmentally friendly, renewable and biodegradable products that are very good. These are also the purchasing trends for this season. Domestic brands are still at an exploration phase in these areas, but there are some mature brands, so Yarn Expo served as a nice communication platform. Having participated at the fair for so many years, its professionalism in the industry is beyond doubt. I am very satisfied with the overall sourcing results this year.”
Mr Carl He, General Manager, Enrich Fabrics & Cotton Branch Company, Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Ltd, China


“I have found some exhibitors that I have preliminary interest in, and after further screening I believe that I can form long-term partnerships with some of them. For manufacturers like us who are engaged in new materials and functional products, participating at Yarn Expo is very helpful since we can have in-depth communication with exhibitors onsite. Yarn Expo can be regarded as the most important platform in terms of industry professionalism. I have basically achieved my expectations and goals in the first half day of the fair.”
Mr Rongqing Huang, Deputy General Manager, Jiangsu Jiangshanhong Chemical Fiber Co Ltd, China


Fringe programme participants


“Through this product launch, we would like to share our recent achievements in Qianxi spandex research and development, which the audience is very interested in. Downstream players in the supply chain, such as fabric suppliers, are eager for new environmentally friendly and healthy products by raw material manufacturers that are more in line with national policies. At Yarn Expo, the visitor quality keeps getting higher while exhibitors are becoming more professional. This will make Yarn Expo the biggest, highly-functional and also the best trade fair in this field in the future.”
Mr Luping Sun, Brand Director, Marketing Department, Huafon Group Co Ltd, China


“Nowadays, green environmental protection is a trending topic at the forefront of the industry, so I spent a long time listening to the forum sessions today. Since our company and Shanghai Different Chemical Fiber are similarly engaged in recycled staple fibres, the content they shared at the forum not only meets our current needs, but also helps us understand our competitors. Through these high-quality forums, Yarn Expo promotes the exchange between industry players.”
Mr Lei Cui, Sales, Mowei (Shanghai) Trade Co Ltd, China


Yarn Expo Autumn was held concurrently with Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition, Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Autumn Edition, PH Value and CHIC. The Spring Editions of these fairs will take place from 9 – 11 March 2022, while the Autumn Editions will be held in August 2022.

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