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Urban Outfitters, a US fashion retailer, will leave China in September

Published: August 31, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Urban Outfitters, an American apparel shop, has reportedly declared that it will leave China in a few weeks.
The retailer has stated that it will cease operations in China when its Alibaba platform Tmall shop shutters on September 12th, deleting all of its online inventory.
However, the store has stated that its customer service will remain operational until September 24, 2021. It also stated that the store closures will be temporary.
The move to quit China is said to be part of the retailer’s new worldwide business plan.
Last week, the CEO of Urban Outfitters warned of trade interruptions and delays in transporting products from Asia to Europe and the United States. The retailer also stated that it would ship products via air freight, which was both dependable and expensive.
Recently, it has become difficult for fashion brands to deal in China. Topshop, Old Navy, C&A, and Asos have already left China, while Mango has placed a halt to new store openings. In this circumstance, Urban Outfitters’ decision is hardly surprising.
The Urban Outfitters brand is well-known for its women’s and men’s trendy garments, footwear, and beauty goods, among other things. In 2019, it made $3.9 billion in revenue.
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