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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol helps in providing data for sustainability progress

Published: June 25, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol: the standard for more sustainable cotton provides data to brands and retailers.

Recent U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Survey stated that 61% of brands and retailers trusts that there has been increased consumer demand for sustainable products since the beginning of the pandemic and 63% of brand and retailers expressed that it has a positive impact on their provocation investment in sustainability within which 42% focus on sourcing sustainability produced raw materials.

Research also stated, 65% respondents believes that data is important for sustainability goals. 

Dr. Gray Adams, the President of U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol also said, “ Sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly more important in fashion industry and consumers are calling for reduction in companies environmental footprint, so the Trust Protocol will provide the data that will help the retailers and brands to measure against their sustainability commitments.”

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