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Two new textiles brands launched by Spartanburg’s TechStyles

Published: March 19, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Two new product brands launched by Spartanburg based AFF TechStyles to respond to textile industry’s rising costs and longer lead times.New Foundation Collection of coated vinyl fabric upholstery offers 168 colors and a variety of textures and designs that can be customized. As supply chain difficulties continue to attack the textile industry, the entire Foundation Collection will remain consistently in stock and ready to ship.

The company has developed TechArt digitally-printed, coated fabric that has joined the ranks of TechStyle’s textile products that feature either pre-developed designs or custom images. Best Regards,UV printing process is used by the company to color the fabrics.

“At TechStyles, you get the perfect mix of experience and innovation,” Chris Collins, managing director of TechStyles, said in the release. “We believe in transforming life experiences through technology and design. As an international manufacturer and supplier of coated fabrics serving more than 50 countries, we are making a concerted effort to serve the American market, including hospitality, furniture, office, restaurant, health care, marine and transportation industries.”

Collins stated that the company aims to merge tech, design and service together with new lines in a creative way. This will prioritize lower lead times, fulfillment and customization. TechStyles is currently serving the hospitality, offices, residentials, marine, health care and transportation industries.

“This is a testament to our aspiring mission,” he said.  “It’s textiles. Reimagined.”

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