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Thermore New Ecodown Fibre Collection

Published: July 7, 2020
Author: Millionaires


Thermore, an Italy-based company specialised in development and production of high quality thermal insulation, has announced its new offer now includes the revolutionary Ecodown Fibres 2.0, a super puffy blown fibre product suitable for wider baffle widths (up to 20cm). It offers amazing loft and visuals that are unmatched in the industry- still.


Thermore’s proprietary technology regulates the warmth and avoids over-heating, thus keeping users comfortable.


Thermore entered the free fibre market with a bang in 2018 with the original Ecodown Fibres line, the industry finally had a free fibre product that offered softness and warmth but with excellent durability. In 2019 Thermore added colour to the mix, and the wide success lead to opening a new factory in Asia to keep up with demand.


Moreover, in order to guarantee quality of the finished products, Thermore launched the Ecodown Fibres Factory Audit System, with more than 200 vendors in Asia being audited as of today. Thermore firmly believes that blow-in fibres represent the future of the insulation market, and using Thermore’s advanced technology and know-how will be the key for the success of this category.


“It is now time to bring the free fibre platform to the next level,” Thermore spokesperson, said in a press release.


Thermore is the first global insulation company in the world to expand blown-in fibres into a full collection, to fulfil most of designers’ needs and even dreams.”


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Thermore is launching the innovative Ecodown Fibres Light, which delivers an extremely soft, yet ultra light free fibre insulation that is 20 per cent warmer than comparable products. Ecodown Fibres Light is also highly packable, which makes it ideal for people on the go.


All Ecodown Fibres are designed to be resistant to clumping, and they are made of 100 per cent recycled fibres from PET bottles. When you add it all up, Thermore is offering a full-force product line with 5 different free fibres items. This new collection of Ecodown Fibres products has evolved to meet the specific needs of various markets and offers something for everyone.

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