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Texworld Evolution Paris – Le Showroom Texworld doubles its presence and triples its sourcing offer from 5 to 9 July 2021

Published: June 11, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Messe Frankfurt France organises again the Texworld Evolution Paris showroom. The second edition of this event, which will take place from 5  to 9 July in the heart of the fashion capital, will host “live” collections from  150 international companies, representing nearly 7,500 products and  samples. Two exclusive venues have been reserved in the heart of Paris to host them. 

The success of the Showroom format is undeniable. This new approach of sourcing imagined by Messe Frankfurt France will once again allow  professionals to meet, discover new creative approaches, decode future trends,  measure the quality of the fabrics and finished garments offer, exchange with  manufacturers… 

Two exhibition venues in the heart of Paris  

To give this post-crisis edition its full scope, two exclusive venues will welcome visitors in the heart of the Parisian fashion district. In addition to the Atelier  Richelieu, where last February’s edition took place, there will be a new location  at 5 rue du Mail: the visit will begin in this former textile factory converted into a  contemporary showroom and will end in the Atelier Richelieu nearby. These two  locations of the sourcing itinerary will present samples of fabrics, garments or  accessories classified by product categories. The trend forum will be set up at rue du Mail. 

150 companies from 15 countries and 7,500 samples directly available Proof of exhibitors’ interest in this formula, the July edition of the Texworld Evolution Paris Showroom will host twice as many exhibitors as in February:  some 150 companies from 15 countries will present more than 7,500 samples  of fabrics, finished garments and accessories, 3 times more than the previous  edition. This broad, diversified and high-quality offer has been specially selected  for the sourcing of the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collections. 

Major sourcing destinations will be represented 

Among the Texworld fabric manufacturers, Taiwanese Dance Worldwide  Limited and Korean A Jin Corporation, both of whom offer beautiful knit fabrics,  will be participating for the first time. First participation also for Mandarin  Enterprises International, a premium silk manufacturer. Many exhibitors,  satisfied with their presence in February, chose to renew their presence, such  as the Korean silk-look fabric specialist Great Duksan, the embroiderers Kaskas (Lebanon) or SN Mukara (India), whose handmade products are based on  exceptional know-how.

Return of nearby sourcing for finished goods 

On the Apparel Sourcing side, we will note the presence of two Madagascan  manufacturers (Index OI and Vector International) which will enable us to  discover this new sourcing destination represented for the first time at the show.  Nearby sourcing will also be present with the German manufacturer Black Q,  which produces both in Poland and Vietnam, the Polish Rascal Industry, and  the Portuguese company Valerius Texteis. Finally, two Leatherworld exhibitors  will present their collection of alternative materials to leather and fur.  

Several exhibitors to be present “face to face” in Paris  

For the first time since the health crisis, several exhibitors will be physically  present at the Texworld Evolution Paris showroom. This will be the case for the  3 exhibitors from nearby sourcing (Black Q, Rascal Industry and Valerius  Texteis), the Madagascan finished goods manufacturer Index OI and the  Bangladeshi 2 Sisters. Fabric manufacturers Noteboom (Netherlands) and  Hemmers (Germany) will also send sales representatives to the event, while the  Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and the Korean Textile Industry  Federation (Kofoti) will send representatives specialising in the fashion and  textile/clothing production industry. As in February, digital tablets will be  available for visitors to make direct contact and express their interest, request  samples or quotations. 

An autumn-winter 2022-2023 trendbook to build the collections  As every year, and even more so with the specific format of the Showroom, the  trendbook drawn up by Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, the artistic directors  of Texworld Evolution Paris, will serve as the architecture for the event. The  space will be organised around the four main axis that will feed the creative  breath of the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collections: resistance, first of all, with  its procession of “earthy” tones; elevation, which will take us into the azure, the  air; osmosis, as an attempt to get closer to nature; and finally, enjoyment,  presented with an explosion of fresh and (re)invigorating colours. “The human  being had gone to sleep, convinced that he was not part of the solution. He  wakes up and, with him, his thirst for discovery. “A manifesto that opens up a  world to be (re)discovered. 

As in February, buyers will be welcomed upon invitation in order to ensure an  adequate flow of visitors. Registration is now open and can be accessed from the Texworld Evolution Paris website. For those unable to visit the showroom,  the experience will continue online thanks to the digital sourcing platform developed by Messe Frankfurt France with its partner Foursource. 

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