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Published: July 20, 2019

Government of India has been implementing various development projects/programmes/Schemes covering the Handloom, Powerloom, Technology Upgradation, Silk, Jute and various other textiles sectors all over the country including Sircilla, Karimnagar in Warangal district in Telangana. Brief details of these projects/schemes for providing assistance and other support in textile sector are given below:

  1. Handloom Sector: The Government provides financial assistance to the handloom agencies across the country, including Sircilla, Karimnagar and Warangal district of Telangana under the following schemes of this office:-
  2. National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP)
  3. Comprehensive Handloom Cluster Development Scheme (CHCDS)
  4. Handloom Weavers’ Comprehensive Welfare Scheme (HWCWS)
  5. Yarn Supply Scheme (YSS)


Under the above schemes, financial assistance is provided for raw materials, purchase of looms and accessories, design innovation, product diversification, infrastructure development, skill upgradation, lighting units, marketing of handloom products and loan at concessional rates.

Details of financial assistance provided to handloom agencies of Karimnagar and Warangal in the last four years for Block Level Cluster under NHDP are as under:-

Name of district Name of Block Level Cluster sanctioned No. of weavers covered Amount released (Rs. in lakh)
Karimnagar Kamalapur District 624 58.00
  Kankula 272 31.25
  Vemulawada 324 19.10
Warangal Shayampet 302 22.20


Other initiatives undertaken in the State of Telangana in the last four years in Handloom Sector:

  • 08 Block Level Clusters covering 2652 handloom weavers have been sanctioned and a sum of Rs. 2.72 crore has been released under NHDP (National Handloom Development Programme)
  • 38 Marketing events have been sanctioned for promotion of sale of handloom products and financial assistance of Rs. 1.33 crore has been provided to the implementing agencies.
  • In order to prevent imitation of handloom products, ‘Gadwal Saree’, ‘SiddipetGollabana’ and ‘Narayanpet Handloom Saree’ products of Telangana have been registered under GI (Geographical Indications) Act.
  • In order to provide loan to the Handloom weavers on concessional rate of interest for expanding their business, 4669 MUDRA loans have been sanctioned involving loan amount of Rs. 21.53 crore.
  • In order to provide benefit of insurance, 23383 handloom weavers have been covered under Mahatma Gandhi BunkarBimaYojana (MGBBY).
  • In order to provide yarn to the Handloom weavers at subsidised rates 65.08 lakh kg of yarn worth Rs. 219.24 crore has been supplied to the weavers of Telangana at Mill Gate Price and 15.12 lakh kg of yarn worth Rs. 114.16 crore has been supplied under 10% Subsidy component of Yarn Supply Scheme.
  • In order to enforce Handloom (Reservation of Articles for Products) Act, 1985, Rs. 72.91 lakhs has been released for setting up enforcement machinery in the state of Telangana.  Inspections of powerloom units are conducted from time to time and precautionary measures are taken to prevent production of reserved handloom items on powerlooms.
  1. Powerloom Sector: PowerTex India-A comprehensive scheme for development of Powerloom sector has been launched w.e.f 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2020 with components like Insitu-upgradation of Plain Powerlooms, Group Work Shed Scheme, Yarn Bank Scheme, Common Facility Centre (CFC), Solar Energy Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Credit Scheme, etc. The progress of PowerTex India Scheme in the State of Telangana is at Annexure.The details of premium and benefits are as under:


Converged Insurance Scheme for Powerloom weavers/workers.

Contribution 51 to 59  Years of age 18 to  50 Years of age
Beneficiary contribution Rs.80 Rs.80
LIC Rs.100 Rs.100
MOT Rs.290 Rs.150 Rs.12
Total Premium Rs.470              Rs.342
Insurance Coverage on Schemes Total   Benefits
Natural Death Rs.2,00,000  Rs.2,00,000  Rs.60,000 (Death due to any reason)
Accidental Death Rs.2,00,000 Rs.2,00,000 Rs.4,00,000
Permanent  Disability Rs.2,00,000 Rs.2,00,000
Partial Disability Rs.1,00,000 Rs.1,00,000



  1. Silk Sector: Government of India has been implementing a Central Sector Scheme “Silk Samagra” for development of sericulture in the country with components such as Research & Development, Training, Transfer of Technology and I.T Initiatives, Support to seed organisations, coordination and market development and, Quality Certification Systems (QCS)/ Export Brand Promotion and Technology Upgradation. R&D efforts have also been initiated to evolve new products by blending silk with other fibres such as wool, coir, cotton etc., which have demand in international markets.
  • An amount of Rs. 204.88 lakhs, 210.83 lakhs, 497.07 lakh has been released to Telangana during 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 respectively towards implementation of beneficiary oriented components of the above scheme.
  • The details of the funds released under “Silk Samagra”  to Warangal & Karimnagar districts of Telangana out of the funds released to the state are given below:

(Rs. In Lakhs)

Year Warangal Karimnagar
2015-16 85.366 70.867
2016-17 90.455
2017-18 79.65 6.87
2018-19 59.345 37.31


  1. Jute Sector: Government has been assisting the jute artisans / SHGs / WSHGs in their market promotion efforts through Retail Outlet and Export Market Promotion Development Assistance (EMDA) schemes.

In Warangal (Telengana District), National Jute Board (NJB) during 2016-17 and 2017-18 nominated 2 Collaborating agencies who imparted trainings to 80 members of WSHGs on production of assorted jute Hand & shopping Bags.


  1. Amended Technology Up-gradation Fund Scheme (ATUFS): The amended Scheme was launched on pan India basis in January 2016 with an outlay of Rs 17822 Crores for technology upgradation of textiles industry with one time capital subsidy for eligible machinery.
  2. Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP): This scheme is implemented in Public Private Partnership mode to attract private investments in developing new clusters of textiles manufacturing. Government of India provides financial assistance up to 40% of the project within a ceiling of Rs. 40 crores.


Further, under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan(SCSP), a separate budgetary provision under various textiles schemes has been made for betterment of Scheduled Caste workers of various Textile sectors all over the country including Sircilla, Karimnagar in Warangal district in Telangana. In this regard, the details of the budgetary allocation/expenditure under SCSP for the last four years are given below:

(Rs. In crore)

# 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
  Funds allocated Exp. Funds allocated Exp. Funds allocated Exp. Funds allocated Exp.


SCSP 166.17 66.83 167.50 161.86 127.08 122.25 158.41 120.88


Progress of PowerTex India Scheme in the State of Telangana for last three years                ( Annexure)   
S.No GIS In-situ BSM Exposure Visit Seminar/ Workshop Yarn Bank Common Facility Center (CFC)
No. of workers enrolled Rs. in crore No. of looms upgraded Rs. in crore No. of meets conducted Rs. in crore No. of weavers benefitted Rs. in crore No. of programmes conducted Rs. in crore No. of projects approved Rs. in crore No. of projects approved Rs. in crore
2016-17      8,436    0.24          492  1.390                 1    0.10             50  0.012                     2  0.009               1 0.500             –    0.03
2017-18    10,145    0.19             –                  –               80  0.024                   10  0.015               1        –             –    1.52
2018-19      9,718    0.16      2,891  3.352                 1    0.10             20  0.012                     1  0.003               1        –             –        –
GIS- Group Insurance Scheme
BSM: Buyer Seller Meet



This information was given by the Union Minister of Textiles, SmritiZubinIrani, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.

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