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Zeekit launched platform to facilitate convenient shopping

Published: July 20, 2020
Author: munimji

Zeekit, a fashion-tech company combining fashion and technology together has launched a new platform to facilitate the convenient clothes shopping experience and also significantly improved retailers’ bottom lines. It is the first dynamic virtual fitting room to enable Shoppers to see how a particular garment fits on them without actually trying it on.

It’s a virtual reality with an emphasis on reality. Zeekit images look exactly like real clothes.

Vizel, who leads the company as CEO, realized the technology she used to turn 2D photographs into 3D graphics for military mapping could, in turn, be applied to the unique topography of each human body. Using patented algorithm-based technology, Vizel and her partners were able to create a system that realistically simulates how particular garments look on different body types, forever changing how consumers shop online.

Zeekit is the 1-stop shop for dressing up models, influencers, and customers, with just a click. Zeekit works with fashion brands, content creators, advertising agencies, and marketing firms to enable shoppers today a more interactive, personalized, inclusive, and effective apparel shopping experience.

Zeekit also allows brands and retailers to present a far more diverse range of models.

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