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Textechno at the JEC World 2019 Paris, Hall A5, D17 AZL Composites in Action booth

Published: March 11, 2019

At the JEC 2019 in Paris, Textechno, the German manufacturer of testing systems for fibres, yarns, rovings and fabrics as well as global leader in the field of man-made fibre testing, exhibits the following instruments for testing Advanced Materials: ROVINGTEST is a testing system for performance of rovings. It measures the properties that are most important in manufacturing, processing and R&D of carbon and glass fibre rovings all in one shot: Friction properties, spreading behaviour, broken filaments and homogeneity of filament orientation. ROVINGTEST hence helps to increase processability and improve the performance of the final composite part. Costly and lengthy trial productions are minimized; measurement results become comparable, reproducible and easily accessible. ROVINGTEST comes in a modular design and is the first commercial test system of its kind ever. As an accessory to Textechno’s automatic single-fibre tester FAVIMAT+ AIROBOT2, the single-fibre pull-out-test system FIMATEST determines the fibre-to-matrix adhesion. In combination with the fibre embedding station FIMABOND the FIMATEST has won JEC World 2016 Innovation Awards. The FAVIMAT+ AIROBOT2 is an automatic linear-density and tensile tester for single fibres (including carbon, aramid, glass and UHMWPE) with tensionless storage of up to 500 single fibres. The automatic drapability tester DRAPETEST characterizes drapability and the formation of defects during draping and forming of fabrics. The tester combines the measurement of the force required for forming with an image analysis of small-scale defects such as gaps and curls. An optional sensor can determine large-scale defects such as wrinkles. The DRAPETEST has won the JEC World 2012 Innovation Awards. About Textechno Textechno GmbH & Co. KG is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision test equipment/systems for textile and man-made fibers, headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Established for more than 65 years, Textechno is, together with its subsidiary Lenzing Instruments in Austria, world market and technology leader. Textechno stands for reliable, innovative and highly automated technology as well as outstanding production quality and sustainable testing systems.

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