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Swaziland – Textile Factories Are Unable To Fill Orders

Published: July 7, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
The effect of recent pro-democracy rallies that culminated in violent acts has spilled over into the textile and clothing business, which is running low on orders and supplies.
The national demonstrations have had an impact on the textile and clothing industries. Suppliers are hesitant to deploy trucks to deliver to the Kingdom of Eswatini because of the upheaval caused by the violent pro-democracy rallies. This will cost the factories a lot of money since the buyers would charge them a lot of money for missing deadlines.
Insiders in the textile and garment industries in the Kingdom of Eswatini claim they are having’sleepless nights’ as a result of the continuing pro-democracy rallies. If they fail to get orders and run out of material, the thousands of emaSwati who work in the sector would be out of employment. The textile and clothing market is a delicate one because when a company fails to deliver, the customers shift their business elsewhere.

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