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Special Textile Manufacturing Zones

Published: July 20, 2019

At present, there is no proposal to establish Special Textile Manufacturing Zone in the country.  However, the Government is implementing the Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP) which provides support for creation of world-class infrastructure facilities for setting up of textile units, with a Government of India grant upto 40% of the project cost with ceiling limit of Rs. 40.00 crores for each park. The Scheme is a demand driven scheme. The approved textile units in Textiles Parks set up across the country are given below:

S. No. Name of Park State Status Units proposedand approved
1 Brandix India Apparel City Private Limited Andhra Pradesh Completed 400
2 HindupurVyapar Apparel Park Limited Andhra Pradesh Sanctioned


3 MAS Fabric (India) Park Ltd Andhra Pradesh Operational 17
4 Guntur Textile Park Andhra Pradesh Sanctioned 10
5 Tarkeshwara Textile Park Pvt. Ltd Andhra Pradesh Sanctioned 61
6 PragJyoti Textile Park Assam Sanctioned 42
7 Gujarat Eco Textile Park Limited Gujarat Completed 33
8 Mundra SEZ Textile & Apparel Park Limited Gujarat Completed 11
9 Fairdeal Textile Park Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Completed 30
10 Vraj Integrated Textile Park Limited Gujarat Completed 15
11 Sayana Textile Park Ltd Gujarat Completed 50
12 Surat Super Yarn Park Limited Gujarat Completed 27
13 RJD Integrated Textile Park Gujarat Completed 579
14 Kejriwal Integrated Textile Park Pvt. Ltd Gujarat Operational 34
15 Amitara Green Hi Tech Textile Park Gujarat Operational 11
16 Palsana Textile Park Gujarat Sanctioned 62
17 Shanti Textile Park Gujarat Gujarat Sanctioned 45
18 NSP Infrastructure Gujarat Sanctioned 42
19 Karanj Integrated Textile Park Gujarat Sanctioned 42
20 Shahlon Textile Park Gujarat Sanctioned 25
21 Aalishan Eco Textile Park Pvt. Ltd Haryana Sanctioned 12
22 Himachal Textiles Park Himachal Pradesh Operational 12
23 Kashmir Wool and Silk Textile Park J &K Sanctioned 50
24 Jammu &Kashmir Integrated Textiles Park J&K Operational 27
25 Doddabalapur Integrated Textile Park Karnataka Completed 72
26 Gulbarga Textiles Park Karnataka Sanctioned 100
27 Baramati Hi Tech Textile Park Limited Maharashtra Completed 20
28 Islampur Integrated Textile Park Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra Completed 10
29 Latur Integrated Textile Park Pvt. Ltd Maharashtra Completed 10
30 Metro Hi-Tech Cooperative Park Limited Maharashtra Completed 72
31 Pride India cooperative Textile park Limited Maharashtra Completed 170
32 Purna Global Textile Park Ltd Maharashtra Operational 91
33 Deesan Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Maharashtra Completed 50
34 AsmeetaInfratech Pvt Ltd Maharashtra Completed 599
35 KallappanaAwade Textiles Park Maharashtra Operational 85
36 Dhule Textile Park Maharashtra Sanctioned 61
37 Satyaraj Integrated Textile Park Maharashtra Sanctioned 41
38 Shree Ganesh Integrated Textile Park Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra Sanctioned 12
39 Hinganghat Integrated Textile Park Maharashtra Operational 11
40 Lotus Integrated Textile Park Punjab Completed 7
41 Rhythm Textile & Apparel Park Ltd Punjab Operational 14
42 Ludhiana Integrated Textile Park Ltd Punjab Operational 55
43 Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Pvt. Ltd Rajasthan Completed 20
44 Next Gen Textile Park Pvt. Ltd Rajasthan Operational 26
45 Kishangarh Hi-tech Textile Weaving Park Rajasthan Operational 34
46 Palladam Hi-Tech Weaving park Tamil Nadu Completed 90
47 Karur Integrated Textile Park Tamil Nadu Completed 35
48 Madurai Integrated Textile Park Ltd. Tamil Nadu Completed 15
49 The Great Indian Linen & Textile Infra. Company Tamil Nadu Operational 20
50 SIMA Textile Processing Centre Tamil Nadu Sanctioned 10
51 Komarapalayam Hi-Tech Weaving Park Ltd. Tamil Nadu Operational 56
52 Kanchipuram Perarignar Anna Handloom Park Tamil Nadu Sanctioned 115
53 Pallavada Technical Textiles Park Ltd. Tamil Nadu Sanctioned 10
54 Pochampally Handloom Park Limited Telangana Completed 2000
55 Whitegold Integrated Spintex Park Telangana Operational 10
56 Ecotex Textile and apparel park Pvt. ltd Uttar Pradesh Sanctioned 36
57 Farrukhabad Textile Park Pvt. Ltd. Uttar Pradesh Sanctioned 50
58 EIGMEF Apparel Park Limited West Bengal Sanctioned 73
59 Hosiery Park, Howrah West Bengal Sanctioned 176

This information was given by the Union Minister of Textiles, SmritiZubinIrani, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.



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