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SCOTT Sports Racing Team with Sitip, Rosti and ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei launches the first sustainable biking uniform

Published: May 6, 2020

The collection was designed starting from the needs of the athletes with the aim to offer them the best solution in terms of style and ergonomics, high performance, easy maintenance and perfect fit being also sustainable

Ispo 2020 saw the celebration of the partnership started last year between Scott Racing Team, Rosti, Sitip and ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei for the supply of the team riders’ uniforms. Rosti worked on style and packaging, Sitip on technical fabrics ‘BE-HOT – Heat Generating fabrics’, while ROICA™ provided its premium stretch ingredient. The exceptional collaboration carries a great news: uniforms are not just highly performing but also, and above all, sustainable.

Sitip created the Native fabric entirely made with recycled yarns and featuring the premium high performing  ROICA™ EF elastomer. The yarn is certified GRS – Global Recycled Standard certification (and also provides special dyeability) with Rosti’s design and high care garment manufacturing.

“We have always created partnerships that lead us to obtain the best possible solutions. And when it comes to high performance, our ally for premium stretch fiber is ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei”, says Silvana Pezzoli, owner of Sitip, and Sergio Alibrandi, Executive Marketing Manager, the description of a corporate DNA made of innovation and performance.

Uwe Schmidt, Managing Director of AKSE (Asahi Kasei) confirms: “The role of stretch yarn must go further and offer the consumer smart solutions but also functionality. We were the first to create a family of premium and sustainable yarns, the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family which includes ROICA™ EF. The GRS certified range is developed with 58% of pre-consumer transformed content and it can also offer better dyeability. Also from our family, ROICA™ V550 degrades itself in the environment without releasing dangerous substances. Such features match perfectly to a circular economy approach as proven by the Gold Level Material Health Certificate of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute”.

Ivano Camozzi, President of Scott Racing Team and Brand Image Manager & PR of Scott Italia and Nicola Gavardi, Communication Manager & PR of Scott: “We teamed up with ROICA™, Rosti and Sitip to design a new generation cyclingwear which integrate responsible values. We have created a 100% sustainable recycled fabric made of premium stretch yarns”.

Gavardi also stressed that this partnership, motivated by the constant search for innovation and 360° solutions across the board, was chosen precisely to offer the best on the market so far.

The main rider of Scott Racing Team Italy, the young and award-winning champion Juri Ragnoli, the “end user” of the uniforms, explaines the requirements that garments should possess in order to meet the sporting challenges that await athletes: breathability, comfort on the skin, performance, durability of the shape and maintenance of the characteristics throughout the course of use of the garment. When asked about the arrival of a new sustainable uniform, the champion said that “it’s right and important to take this direction, which perfectly meets the team’s values, as love for nature and respect for the environment. It will be nice to wear something that follows exactly what you believe in”.

The athletes, forced to stay indoors due to the Coronavirus, have been testing the uniforms at their homes for to months, they are really enthusiastic about and can’t wait to test them out!

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