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Refitech Broadens Partner Network in Spain, Italy with its Carbon Fibre Solutions

Published: July 27, 2020
Author: Millionaires


Refitech has broadened its European partner network with ClipCarbono from Spain and CarboSix from Italy. Both companies will have a number of Refitech’s products in their range, and various composite products from them will be available via Refitech’s webshop. The cooperation will help Refitech reach engineers across borders with its carbon fibre solutions.

“We are very successful with the cooperation with CG Tec in Germany,” says Arthur Cooijmans, CEO of Refitech. “ClipCarbono and CarboSix are now joining our network. Both companies are local composite specialists with an excellent reputation. It is our ambition to grow further in Europe and to reach engineers across borders with our carbon fibre components and solutions. In addition, the products of our partners will be valuable addition to our offering in the Benelux. We are still in talks with other possible cooperation partners and have the ambition to grow further in Europe.”

In addition, Refitech has introduced high strength carbon panels that the company produces at its manufacturing facilities in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. By using 3K T700 Carbon prepreg and autoclave production, the panels have a maximum fibre content and optimum strength. The panels are available in thicknesses up to 12 millimetres, with a maximum size of 1220 millimetres x 620 millimetres. These panels can also be custom made from HM (high modulus) fibres at the request of customers. This material gives the panels an even extra high stiffness.

Also new are Refitech’s ultra-lightweight (UL) tubes with a wall thickness of only 0.5 millimetres. These tubes are extremely light but retain the typical stiffness and strength properties of carbon. They are intended for applications such as UAVs and drones, precision robotics, measuring and laboratory equipment as well as RC modelling.

“Refitech continuously invests in its own products and their online availability,” says Cooijmans. “More and more engineers and technicians are discovering the advantages of building lightweight constructions using our standard carbon products. Once they have tried the benefits of carbon, this often gives them the inspiration to develop their own 3D formed components for their application together with Refitech, only to remark that they should have done this much earlier. Unknown makes unloved, and we want to change that,” he adds.

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