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Primark collaborates with InMoment to enhance the client experience

Published: September 23, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Primark will use the InMoment platform to swiftly identify customers and grow into new areas. Primark has chosen InMoment, a provider of experience improvement (XI) solutions, as its customer experience (CX) partner.
By gaining deeper insights into consumer behaviour, the retailer intends to improve its customer experience, loyalty, and retention by utilising InMoment’s platform. Primark will be able to monitor what consumers are saying in real time as well as their tone of voice in order to better understand their likes and dislikes.
This will allow the organisation to apply measures to improve the client experience more swiftly in the future.
“We required a business with expertise and knowledge of customer experience in the retail industry, and InMoment was the appropriate fit for us,” said Philip Clarke, Primark analytic and reporting manager.
Primark will benefit from their focus on consistently creating technical breakthroughs to their software, putting them ahead of the competition.”
Primark has 400 stores in 13 countries spanning Europe and North America, selling a variety of fashion, cosmetics, and homeware products. The retailer uses the InMoment XI platform and text and sentiment analysis to operate its CX programme in various locations and languages worldwide.

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