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Online Hackathon by UPTTI

Published: April 25, 2020

The UP Textile Technology Institute (formerly known as GCTI) Kanpur is organizing a One Day Online Hackathon on Design and Performance of Components of PPE for Fighting against COVID- 19 Date: 01-05-2020.

 As we all know that since last few months the major epidemic of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID -19), affected the whole world badly. In such a situation protection from biological agents (such as viruses and bacteria), aerosols and pathogens are extremely important. PPEs are required by the doctors, health workers, rescue personnel, police, and for the patient himself.

Keeping the problem in mind, the UPTTI Kanpur organizing a one day online Hackathon, where they are inviting students/researchers/inventors/industrial research personnel/institute alumni to present their ideas through a link given below (mentioned in poster) and then through video conferencing on design, material selection, with innovative approaches for biological protection and practices. The last date of submission of idea is 28.04.2020.




The Institute has decided to distribute the prizes for motivation. Details are as under-

First prize: worth of Rs. 10,000

Second prize: worth of Rs. 6,000

Third prize: worth of Rs. 4,000


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