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Nilit has joined the Blue Resilience Project

Published: October 29, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Nilit, the owner of the Sensil sustainable brand and a producer of nylon 6.6, has partnered with The Ocean Foundation’s Blue Resilience Initiative to re-establish and protect critical ocean meadows and other coastal ecosystems.
The marine grasslands, which are being destroyed at a rate of two football fields per hour, are critical ecosystems for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and reducing global warming and ocean acidification. Furthermore, ocean meadows support sea life, protect coastlines from erosion and storm surge, and contribute to the global economy.
“Nilit’s contribution in The Ocean Foundation Blue Resilience Initiative supports and augments our own internal efforts to conserve ocean ecosystems,” says Sagee Aran, Head of Global Marketing. “Nilit and The Ocean Foundation can have an impact on both sides of the ocean health equation and, as a result, have a greater impact on the well-being of our oceans and our world.”
Eliminating CO2 emissions and safeguarding the oceans are also critical components of Nilit’s complex Total Product Sustainability initiative. Clean energy solutions were applied in the firm ’s production locations around the world. CO2 emissions at its main site in Israel were cut by 40%. Under its Sensil consumer brand, Nilit has created the most comprehensive array of sustainable premium Nylon products, featuring novel products that directly address reduced greenhouse gas emissions and environmental consequences. Sensil BioCare, the company’s most recent new product launch, is manufactured with a particular ingredient that speeds biodegradation to prevent textile microplastics created in marine environments during and after use. “From the fibre to the consumer, apparel sustainability necessitates innovative concepts and creative collaborations,” Aran says. “With The Ocean Foundation’s financing, we have broadened our vision well beyond the typical supply chain structure, allowing us to achieve positive environmental impact more rapidly and easily, in line with our SENSIL® brand objective.” We are thrilled to be a part of The Ocean Foundation’s critical effort to safeguard the marine ecosystems that support life on land and in the oceans.”

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