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Manifattura Italiana Cucirini: increasingly green and sustainable approach and GRS certified production.

Published: February 9, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Sustainability is a much discussed issue in the textile industry today as it becomes a priority and challenge that involves all the players in the supply chain. The textile sector, which represents one of the Italian excellences in the world market, is experiencing a real turning point, among important investments in the research and development of new solutions in the name of sustainability, the discovery of innovative fabrics and new methods of processing in respect of the environment.

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini, one of the main realities in the production of yarns for fashion and clothing at international level, has  started to lowering its environmental impact as a pioneer many years ago. The company has now decided to take an even more incisive part in this green turning point, considering it fundamental for man, the environment and one’s business, becoming one of its main promoters. MIC, expression of over 100 years of experience in textiles, today operating on a national and international scale, in 2018 renewed its machinery with cutting-edge technologies thus managing to reduce water consumption by 50% in the dyeing phases and by 35 % of energy consumption; another important aspect concerns the purification of the water which takes place through a modernized and enlarged purifier that allows water purification up to almost all (- 98.5%) of the polluting substances. The photovoltaic system which is placed on the roof of the company and periodically renewed, participates in the production of clean energy used by the company, this commitment has allowed the remarkable reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by over 860 tons in the last 15 years equal to planting of over 2,200 trees.

The company, which has always been innovative and revolutionary, has decided to minimize waste more and more, thus orienting itself towards a more sustainable approach. The GRS line was designed in line with this corporate vision and it consists of recycled polyester yarns, made 100% from post-consumer packaging materials. This range of products, which will soon be ready in stock service in the MIC warehouse, has obtained the GRS 2019-210 Global Recycle Standard certification issued by ICEA, a body that verifies the traceability of recycled raw materials and processes along the entire supply chain, thus guaranteeing recycled origin from POST-CONSUMER material, recognizing the importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model.

GRS line is composed by various products: ELAN GRS (texturised): Voluminous and resistant, soft in contact with the skin, it is used for covering seams in combination with sealing sewing threads, or in knitwear for the creation of totally recycled fabrics; KUMA GRS, universal core-yarn sewing thread, valid for any use from clothing and fashion,  furniture and footwear. It is very resistant and characterized by excellent sewability and smoothness, combined with a natural appearance similar to cotton; BRAVO GRS is the spun polyester suitable for large productions, for its versatility and excellent machine sewability and cotton appearence; MICRO GRS is recycled microfiber: soft to the touch, transpirant, resistant and bulky, it is used in high quality covering seams and in knitwear for products worthy of made in Italy; CORD GRS is the high tenacity recycled polyester, particularly suitable for sealing seams in clothing, footwear and interior design. The color chart is available with 450 shades to satisfy every need and chromatic choice even if it seems that the GREEN shade is currently the most requested and used. This new product line joins the ecofriendly products already offered in the MIC range, such as BIO-COTTON, GOTS certified organic cotton, and LEAF, accelerated biodegradability nylon, which degrades in 5 years instead of several decades like its traditional counterpart.

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About Manifattura Italiana Cucirini

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini Spa is the expression of an entrepreneurial history in textiles of over 100 years, specialized since the second half of the 1900s in the production of yarns for the clothing industry for the entire fashion and clothing field. With a growing international presence, particularly in Europe and North Africa, the group has expanded its product range and successfully supplying the knitwear, tannery and footwear, and furniture sectors, offering items with special characteristics for each sector, where uniqueness requires specific solutions. Quality and sustainability are an integral part of MIC’s mission which boasts Oeko-Tex 100, GOTS 2008-060 certifications for organic yarns, GRS 2019-210 for recycled yarns, in compliance with REACH specifications, cutting-edge production and logistics, to low environmental impact.

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