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India keen to invest in Kenya’s leather industry.

Published: July 31, 2019

A delegation of Indian companies from the leather sector is visiting Kenya to scout for opportunities. According to Kenya’s industrialization principal secretary Betty Maina, the leather sector in the country contributes 0.3 per cent to the gross domestic product and the partnership with India will be looking at improving the sector’s output. According to the chairman of the Indian Council of Leather Exports Aqeel Ahmed Panaruna, this is the right time for India to invest in Kenya’s leather industry.

Speaking at a forum this week to discuss the investment and trade opportunities between Kenya and India, Maina said principal secretaries will soon have a workshop to come up with policies on the revitalization of manufacturing with leather and footwear being some of the priority areas.  She said Kenya has restricted export of raw hides so that it can ensure availability of raw material for the leather industry, according to a Kenyan newspaper report. The government is also planning to slowly phase out import of second-hand footwear and apparel so that it can create a market for domestic leather and textile industries, she added.

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