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Hit by Coronavirus Pandemic, Karnataka Weavers Look For Government Help

Published: May 25, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

BAGALKOT: Markand from Ilkal has been battling to get by post the episode of second rush of Covid. “I have quit weaving briefly as costs of the texture have dropped on the lookout,” he says.

The Covid-incited lockdown for two continuous years has deteriorated the state of thousands of weavers, whose vocation is reliant exclusively on weaving. Ilkal sarees and shirt pieces created in Guledagudda are world-renowned and Maharashtra is the greatest market for both the textures. Iranna M (48), a weaver from Guledagudda, said, “The circumstance has turned horrid as many weavers are battling to sell their item. The lockdown has influenced the creation and a tremendous unsold stock has accumulated with many weavers. Costs of crude materials have gone up yet costs of pullovers have decreased on the lookout. We are compelled to sell our items at a misfortune.”

“Individuals from Charka, a non-benefit association, are assisting us with advertising shirt pieces on the web. It is assisting a couple of weavers with running their family in this troublesome time. There is zero assistance from the public authority to weavers in this season of wellbeing emergency. Numerous weavers are wanting to close units as there is no future for this calling,” said weaver Iranna. Ravindra Kalaburagi, senior person from Shankrambari Weavers’ Cooperative Society, called attention to that, “The state government has guaranteed that it will straightforwardly buy sarees from weavers and offer it to cutting edge laborers yet nothing has been done work date.

The state government has totally disregarded weavers in the recent Covid help bundle. Indeed, even the material priest is least tried to visit us or hear our complaints. In the event that the public authority neglects to come to act, we will organize an inconclusive dissent after the lockdown.

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