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Gorakhpur Chamber of Industries demands establishment of garment park

Published: December 30, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

As ready-made garment has been included as the second alternative for one district one product (ODOP), Gorakhpur chamber of industries has demanded the establishment of a garment park in the district. The chairman of Gorakhpur Chamber of Industries, Vishnu Ajit Saria, and former chairman SK Agarwal met Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority (GIDA) CEO Sanjeev Rajan, and suggested him to allocate 50 acres of land in Bheeti Rawat area to build a garment park. Saria and Agarwal said the park would attract many industrialists from other places to Gorakhpur.

“The chamber of industries has sought the construction of a garment park, and we strive to fulfil their demand in the days to come. I have asked the officials of the chamber of industries to provide the list of garment industrialists, and the details about the requirement of land,” said GIDA CEO.

The chairman of Gorakhpur chamber of industries, Vishnu Ajit Saria, said that already a huge number of industrialists are working in the district but the units are scattered. Once all the the units are established in one place, it will benefit both the traders and the customers. He added that the move would help in increasing employment opportunities. The chamber of industries has started making survey to make a list of industrialists in readymade garment industry in the district , general secretary, Pravin Modi said. “We are planning to keep space for small, middle and big industrialists at Ready Made Garment Park,” he said.

SK Agarwal said that machines of the ready-made garment industry take less space and the garments could be produced in a multistorey building. “Besides, the government is working on developing an industrial corridor along the Purvanchal expressway, and also intends to establish a textile park in it,” he added. 

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