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Published: December 21, 2020
Author: Shubhangi

KEY WORD: eco -friendly, materials, substitutes, biodegradable




Fashion is not about style, clothing but it is an attitude statement and assertion of the identity an individual. Fashion also tends to harmonies blissfully with the environment thereby reflecting changing patterns, trends and at times a paradigm shift in socio cultural practice. In keeping with irreparable. Damage that we have done to our environment and surrounding, we need to change drastically the production, manufacturing patterns.

Aesthetics presentation is the hallmark of an evolved individual with a perspective. A complete overhauling and change is the need of the hour in every sphere be it fashion or other fields. A complete holistic view and approach is called for and the world needs to think over it. It should commence with complete biodegradable textiles used in clothing, garments to a range of environment friendly accessories. Accessories are an integral part of our self-extension of our personality. It provides a total ambience to our individual self.

Leather accessories are becoming vogue and giving a style statement about people who want to save the planet earth. They want to savour, enjoy the outer world blend it with their persona. They have or believe in the perspective of inside out or outside in and savour every moment of life. They are showing the path and are truly pioneers in every way. They have rightly pointed out about leather sourced from animals. These leather used to accessories enhance our presence have serious repercussions.  Animal leather is unsustainable with multiple effects upon surrounding and they add up to the toxic element. These green fashion have successfully sought out different options viable alternatives. The chief concern was about disposal of leather tanning adding to greenhouse emission. Leather tanning was extremely energy and resources intensive. Furthermore it generated sludge waste.

Fungus derived leather and better leather technologies have sought to outdo the damage done to our surrounding. The fungus derived renewable leather substitute is better than animal and synthetic leather is increasingly adorning humans and enhancing their attitudes and bringing their better par tent. These mushrooms are called mycelium. These mycelium contains the same polymers found in crab shells. Their growing pattern is also worth mentioning and are praiseworthy. These mushroom roots are grown on sawdust or agricultural waste. When they are fully grown, they form a thick mat that can be treated and resembling leather adding to the aesthetic presence. This fungi leather4 or mycelium leather is a fungal product which is purely biodegradable without adding to carbon emission is easy to dispose off.

Furthermore, they are processed with biofreindly materials without spurious chemicals. Mild acids, alcohols and dyes are typically used to modify the fungal material which is the compressed, dried and embossed nature has always presented to us a plethora of substances materials to adorn ourselves it is up to us to go in for symbiotic or harmonious relationship with ourselves and our connect with the outer world . These are durable products and can be used to give wings to our imaginations and various fashion products can be made out of this with ease simplicity and finesse.

Another viable leather alternatives is muskin. This is a fungus that rot wood in subtropical forest. This too can be used as a leather alternatives. This can be further evolved developed. This is not the least many researches can further find an easy solution. The muskin leather could be easily processed disposed used at ease without any remorse. Another viable and green alternatives to leather much used till now can be fungus but microbes. The leather made from cellulosic smoky bacteria with a plastic texture will look as ostentations and glamorous like leather, but with none of the pitfalls. The list of leather substitutes from various sources be it fungus, microbes could be endless.

Fashion fiestas have suggested other means to counter the threat risen from fashion products. The opposition to throwaway culture is not an ideal solution. Moreover it is not pragmatic. The various movements like “slow fashion” neglates the aesthetics view can be counterproductive.

So the need of the hours is to use creativity more to harness new technologies method that is conductive to environment in terms of generation production disposal only then we will have friendly, biodegradable and puritan fashion accessories fashion that will make us more of an extension of our inner self. It is only then we can say that we are moving in the right direction and the world would be saved. Green fashion is the need of the hours. It is now or never and we should all move towards this.




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