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Gerber Technology collaborates with Twine Solution Ltd. to implement a ‘on-demand thread’ system at its Innovation Centre

Published: August 13, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Gerber Technology, a Lectra firm that provides cutting-edge technology to organisations across sectors, has collaborated with Twine Solution Ltd. to incorporate a digital thread and yarn dyeing system into its micro-factory at the Innovation Centre in New York City (USA).
Twine Solution Ltd. is a technological start-up that is creating a patented, innovative digital thread dyeing method and a digital dye to match algorithm-based applications.
Twine’s technology enables businesses to get the desired thread colour match for any customised printing.
Gerber Technology has announced a partnership with Twine Solution Ltd. to introduce a new dyeing machine in New York. The TS-1800 machine is said to dye various types of white or raw, new or recycled polyester thread and dyes it using Twine TDI inks (CMYK) Gerber Technology will be installing the machine at the Gerber Innovation Centre in early September.

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