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Freudenberg: nonwovens crimping material offers comfort at reduced costs.

Published: February 26, 2020

The producer of technical textiles Freudenberg Performance Materials Holding SE & Co. KG, Weinheim/Germany, is responding to the increased demands of the footwear market with an innovative crimping material made of nonwovens. The new fabric will be presented at the Lineapelle leather goods trade fair in Milan/Italy from February 19-21, 2020.

Freudenberg’s crimping material shows high irreversible deformability and dimensional stability with flexibility and soft material character. In contrast to knitted linings, the multi-directional stretching properties of the material allow uniform longitudinal and transverse stretching over the entire vamp area. A low weight-to-area ratio of the crimping material also leads to further weight reduction of the shoe.

For end users, the wearing comfort is increased, while producers reduce their costs in the production process. This is because the possibility of a direction-independent cutting leads to as much as 10% lower waste. Faster thermoplastic deformability in turn enables shorter production times. After more than 72 hours, the milled sheet still has a 100% accurate impression. At the same time, the high cut edge strength increases the creative possibilities in shoe design.

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