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Family business, is the culture of India and Spain Industry; Similarity makes comfort

Published: April 28, 2020

Due to similarity , its very comfortable to do business with India, which is very important market


Exclusive Interview taken during ITMA 2019 @ Barcelona, Spain with Mr. Jordi Galtes Ex- President of Amec- AMTEX, Spain Association and owner of Gomplast

Spain Association Overview

Spain Association have around 70 machine manufacturers with 50% of  textile sector. Our members are basically with family owned business with a lot of tradition. The members of the companies right now are from 2nd and 3rd generation that is why we have a family knowledge of the sector.

Basically, our dimension is not so big like Germany, China, and Indian companies but we are focusing on our development in special machines for special kind of fabrics, very specialized machines for small things, we can make machines according to the requirement of the customer so, we are very specialised and this is our contribution to industry. Sustainability is a  clear target of our development. Some of our companies have developed new lines for saving water and saving energy.

Satisfied with ITMA 2019 Exhibition  

We are very satisfied with the exhibition because there are a lot of buyers and not only visitors. I have been talking with some of our members some of them are getting contracts so our expectation in the exhibition is positive. Hence we are satisfied.

There was too much noise in the market, we have seen a big amount of projects in past 4-5 years so it’s true after the period of big expansion due to the noise between China- USA all of that have affected expansion decisions. Last 12 months the total amount of investment was less than some years before. Exhibition is where we can see several buyers and it is a clear sign that something is going to change in the coming years. More companies are looking for new technology and not the capacity of production.

India, an Important Market

India has always been a big and Major market for Spanish Textile Machinery Manufacturer.  Our culture is similar ie. family owned business , so it’s easy and comfortable to connect with Indians than Chinese. Few of Spanish Manufacturer do have offices in India and Few are expanding in India.

One of our strategy is now basically the association has been helping all the Spanish members to help them to be in the export markets. Spain manufactures are interested to expand in important market because as an association the company has to get it a space between countries like Germany, Italy, etc. and Spain association can solve a lot of problems with the help of our new technology.

We work not only for textiles but also for many other sectors and India is definitely an important market for us. More and more fresh information about the evolution of the Indian market to our members is needed and hence we want to be known association because some members of ours are not big enough and it is difficult for them to arrive in India.  As I said our main advantage is the contact between owners and our personal relationship with the owners.When we deal face to face we are more flexible to adapt their needs but then the problem is to be in direct relation and also we need good assistance.


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