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Complete research of growth in the legal services market and its future opportunities

Published: March 13, 2019


The legal services market is expanding across the globe. Increased complexities and intricacies in industries, sub-markets and businesses are primarily aiding the scope of legal services. To be prepared in advance on the legal front because of the dynamic and flexible business environment, corporations are increasingly making use of legal services. Companies having a broad base of stakeholders often have to face legal turbulences from customers, governments, competitors, external agencies, and suppliers. This frequently hinders  the time and effort of the organization which thereby reflects in lowering of the company’s total revenue.

In order to cater to these issues, the global legal services market has aggressively expanded in size, nature, and appeal in the past few years. Along with the expansion, the global competition between the legal service providers has also intensified.

The Services Provided By The Legal Sector

The legal services industry includes boutique legal firms, legal companies with a large employee base, and individual practicing lawyers. All these legal bodies operate on contract bases on litigation matters over issues such as tax law interpretation and laws which deal with consumer PILs and competitor accusations. Legal service companies may also provide customized solutions to various organizations after carefully studying the client company’s visions, mission, and in-house operations. The profession of a legal service provider has evolved to become more challenging because of growing complexities in the rules and regulations of the state as well as the organizational structure of client’s organization.

Many legal service professionals are trained and educated from influential and reputed colleges and law universities. These universities offer courses which have a syllabus which is in sync with the market demand. The employability rate of the pass-outs from these colleges and universities is high in financial organizations as more and more fintechcompanies find it more cumbersome and expensive to hire a legal firm for its services than maintaining an in-house legal team. Organizations are expanding their scope and demand for legal services which are made of a team of legal experts specializing in services such as contract drafting, legal public communication, legal document management, handling consumer grievances, and competitive pressures.
The legal services are finding applications in sectors such as healthcare, FMCG, BFSI, media and communications, industrial goods and telecom industry. Along with this, as a characteristic component of legal services, a security management solution is necessary and essential for all legal service organizations. Business organizations are demanding efficient solutions in order to improve their compliance with government rules and laws. Issues pertaining to the filing of tax returns and other documentation must be on a timely basis and requires legal intervention. Financial services which operate with the heavy financial number are susceptible to loses arising from tax compilation negligence. Hiring legal service providers helps to reduce loses.
Scope Of Growth In The Legal Services
The role of technology has increased in a broad sector of industries. The risks of the legal services have hence increased. More and more companies are demanding robust data management which prevents data breaches of users and the company’s internal confidential information. Data breaches often result in legal filings by the consumers and the competitors. The resultant legal trials are addressed by legal service providers. The efficient and experienced legal team essentially counters the risks of data theft, data loss, low compliance, and possible frauds from competitors or other stakeholders.
The Quality and Quantity Of Global Legal Service Demands

The growth potential for legal services is endless as it is directly dependant on specialized services such as employment laws, financial reporting laws, corporate tax laws, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions laws, international business norms and data privacy laws.

The prevalence of more organized businesses of the fintech and startup nature are employing legal services to have a strong establishment, operational initiation, and future mergers and acquisitions. In order to deal with a complex and ever-dynamic business environment, legal support is gaining popularity amongst entrepreneurs. Developed regions such as the U.S and Europe have witnessed a steady increase in the urbanization and technological revolution. The businesses there have incorporated complexities and sophisticated mergers getting associated with other similar businesses and market players. The emergence of the startup revolution with the already existing high growth rate of population in developing nations such as India and China has further aided growth in demand for legal services professionals.

Legal services are helping business conduct cost-effective operations. Irrespective of the size and nature of the organizations, the stringent and nuanced governmental rules and regulations areposing the need for legal services organizations. Experts predict rapid growth for the legal services in the near future.

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