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CAI Opinion Poll

Published: March 11, 2019

CAI international conference from 6-8th March 2019,

First time in India CAI ,by spending a handsome amount,has arranged a live computerised opinion poll

That is a question will come on the screen and each member present in the conference we’re given and individual machine to vote from 5 options given on the screen for every question. The first question asked was

Q1.What will be cotton market in the month of July 2019?

A)The average outcome of rate was RS 47260

Q 2) what will be the ICE rate in month of July ?

A)The average outcome was 77.80

Q 3) what will be INR rate in the month of July?

A) The average outcome was 71.48

Q4) what will be the size of Indian crop for 2018-18

A) The average outcome was 325.40.

Q5) what will be India’s domestic mill consumption for 2018-19 ?

A) The average outcome was 320 lakh bales.

The machine speed and accuracy was very fast and within 10 secs of voting completion results were shown on the screen.

Around 250 cotton trade people were in today’s conference and have voted For this opinion poll

That is.. Ginners,traders,MNCs and spinning mills

We congratulate Cotton association of India for bringing this new innovative technology first time to an Indian cotton confrence and for getting us views and understanding the mindset of topmost people of the cotton world.

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