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Automation Industry Leader 2020 and Automation Supplier of the Year 2020

Published: March 13, 2020

Leadership and Success have become synonymous with Gandhi Automations as the winning streak and credibility of awards and recognition continues.

It seems 1 is just a number and never enough for Gandhi Automations as we once again bag 2 awards in a row at the prestigious events across 2 diverse industries. The nominations, long drawn jury process, and showcasing our world class standard products have ensured that we maintain the leadership position as well as the quality of our innovative range of products remains unmatched in the Indian market and also validates the fact of our ever-increasing global presence.

It all started in the year 1996 where in our Directors formed the vision to cater to rolling shutter industry in India by bringing automation to them. The idea was one that was pioneered by them in India and through years of hard work, innovation, commitment to quality and reliable customer service, Gandhi Automations is now manufacturing all kinds of entrance automation solutions and loading bay technology meeting world class standards. With our unshaken determination and passion to serve our customers, we have turned every challenge and adversity into opportunity that helped us achieve 70% market share in the industry in short span of time. 

Automation is a powerful tool and comes in many shapes and forms. In the Logistic and Supply chain industries, automation is generally used to make gains upon existing processes by improving efficiency, speed, reliability, accuracy and (eventually) cost savings as it reduces the impact of a labor shortage; thereby keeping the labour cost down.

•     Efficiency is critical to survival. Companies have to adapt rapidly, and if they’re not adopting some form of robotics, they will not be able to compete.

•     Using automation to protect the supply chain does more than help companies react quicker or reallocate internal resources to other tasks. It can also help reduce insurance costs.

It is true that there exists a lack of standardization in door specifications and we are constantly working on how to bring about standardization in this field. At the moment we are working along with some of the prominent architects and consultants on this issue. It is an absolute joint effort to educate the end users on the importance and the advantages of standardization. In all this our effort is always to provide to the clients the best of quality and service

 We work as a consultant and we take into consideration the need of a customer & accordingly provide the best customized option. We provide customized solution as per specific need of a particular sector for e.g. pharmaceutical, chemical, automobile, food, cold storage etc. Each of these sectors has a unique material handling and warehousing requirement. Because of our expertise in this field we understand and explain to the client how he can make optimum use of the technology. The customer acknowledges this as the greatest value addition to him when he approaches Gandhi Automations for a particular product.

We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain highly sophisticated products. To fulfill our objective of providing products that are technologically advanced, energy efficient and safe we have a project engineering team that uses the latest design software combined with technologically advanced machinery to offer the customer a well-engineered product. All our products are based on the latest technology that conforms to very high standards of safety.

Now we have further upgraded our systems by moving on to Artificial Intelligence – Our Products are now being designed with sophisticated systems which can be integrated with your BMS – Building Management Systems. Thereby giving you an ease of operation from anywhere and any compatible device.

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