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An Appeal To CMAI Members To Join India’s Vaccination Drive

Published: April 28, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), the APEX body of the Domestic Garment Industry representing the Garment Manufacturers  and Retailers all over India, was established in 1963, and is perhaps the largest and oldest Trade Association of the Clothing Industry, having close to 4,500 Members.   

In a Press Release issued by the Association, Mr Rajesh Masand, President, CMAI, shared his plea to the Association’s members urging them to join in the massive drive to Vaccinate not only themselves but their staff and employees – stressing that vaccination is the only long term solution to beat the dreaded pandemic. 

He stated that one of the biggest Vaccination Drive in the World has been launched in India, with close to 14 Crore people have already been Vaccinated. Further, from 1st May 2021, the third phase of India’s Covid-19 Vaccination drive will begin allowing all citizens of 18 years of Age and above to get Vaccines.

Mr Masand reiterated that this gigantic task will need not only a massive effort on part of the Government, both Central and State, but also tremendous support from all the Citizens, and especially Businessmen – not only to get themselves Vaccinated, but also to encourage, motivate, and assist in getting all Staff, and Employees to get themselves Vaccinated.

He further added that he is fully aware that there is a significant shortage of Vaccines in most Cities today. But this is unlikely to last for too long. Vaccine production is being scaled up, Imports are likely to flow in shortly, and newer Vaccines are underway. 

CMAI has urged its members to participate in the Phase 3 Strategy of the National Covid-19 Vaccination, and take advantage of the provisions whereby   Industrial Establishments would be able to procure Vaccine doses from the Manufacturers,  provided they follow all Protocols such as being captured on CoWIN Platform, linked to AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization) reporting and all other prescribed Norms. He drew attention of the members to the news reported National Media today, that the Health Secretary, Govt of India, has written a letter to all States, wherein it has been stated that Industrial Enterprises will be allowed to Vaccinate their Employees. They will have to procure the Vaccines from notified Hospitals with cold chain facilities or map themselves to Private Hospitals. They will have to register themselves as “Industrial CVCs” (Covid Vaccine Centres).

Mr Masand appealed to all Members of the Association especially those with large Factories or situated in Industrial Estates, to join this effort in getting the Maximum number of People Vaccinated. This is the only long term solution to defeat the Virus, he added .      

Mr Masand was happy to inform the Members that the Government of India has announced an Additional Incentive that any money spent towards this drive, can be set off against the CSR spend requirements of that particular Company .

He, therefore, appealed to all Members to support the Government of India’s Phase 3 Vaccination drive and make sure that all Workers / Staff working in their Factories get the Covid-19 Vaccination at the earliest. 

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