The migrant workers were seen waiting at Coimbatore railway station on Saturday to return back to their home towns. A worker from Bihar said that he and his friends are going home for Holi. The policeman said , “ The number of workers at the station is relatively less today compared to other days. For the last one week, several workers have been returning to their home states. But it is mainly for Holi”.

There were a lot of rumors spread about the migrant workers in TamilNadu industry association. There was a allay of fear and protection had to be assured protection. There are 10 lakh workers from the other statesIf the workers start going home in panic as they did during COVID-19, the industry will be hit badly, said Ravi Sam, chairman of Southern India Mills’ Association. . There were announcements made in Hindi where migrant workers work at shandies and also to interact with the migrant workers.

The Federation of Coimbatore Industrial Association submitted a memorandum to seek announcements in Hindi. At Tiruppur, around 500 workers in construction areas have returned back to their homes. According to Narayan, a builder, “If they were leaving for Holi, they would have asked for leave. They have left without saying anything. They are so scared that they are asking us to accompany them even to go from one site to another”.

Several industries in Coimbatore and Tiruppur are counseling workers as they are not been paid weekly wages. Messages in Hindi have been generated for the workers so that they may not believe in any false messages. Tiruppur City Police Commissioner Praveen Kmar Abhinapu said that there will be personnel deployment at Tiruppur Police Station during the rush for Holi. He also said, “Patrolling Will Be Increased as well. There have been no complaints or cases of attacks so far. Further adding to this, he said, “Police Personnel held interactions with migrant workers in their pockets”