A project called biogarmentry from designer Roya Aghighi is exploring the concept of a living textile.

Aghighi, whose project was shortlisted for the Dezeen Awards in the sustainable design category last year, is a multidisciplinary designer holding industrial design degrees from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada and Iran University of Science and Technology.

According to Aghighi’s website, “biogarmentry is designed to address the drastic increase to the environmental impact of textile waste and air pollution. The project, which blends synthetic biology with design, developed a biodegradable living textile capable of photosynthesis. Living cells, such as cellulose and protein-based fibers, were able to survive on the natural fabric.

Aghighi’s textile is fully compostable and, she writes, while living, the material works to purify the air through photosynthesis. The garment comes with a care instruction label emphasizing how the wearer can keep the garment alive.

In a recent interview with CCN Style, Aghighi said of the biogarment: “You’re not going to throw your clothes in the corner of your closet or into the washing machine. It’s immediately going to shift the way you think about your clothing.”

Biogarmentry has been featured at Aventex Paris, and was a finalist at the Primer19 Emerging Design Exhibit.