Indonesia recently notified the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Committee on Safeguards that it initiated on September 18 three safeguard investigations—the first on fabrics; the second on yarn (other than sewing thread) of synthetic and artificial staple fibres; and the third on curtains (including drapes), interior blinds, bed valances and other furnishing items.

“Those having substantial interest and wishing to be considered as interested parties in this investigation should submit written request within a period of 15 days in Indonesia from the date of initiation to the Investigating Authority,” WTO said on its website.

A safeguard investigation seeks to determine whether increased imports of a product are causing, or is threatening to cause, serious injury to a domestic industry. During a safeguard investigation, importers, exporters and other interested parties may present evidence and views and respond to the presentations of other parties.

A WTO member may take a safeguard action, i.e. restrict imports of a product temporarily, only if the increased imports of the product are found to be causing, or threatening to cause, serious injury.