Due to the escalation of COVID-19 globally, Peraga Expo has announced that the next edition of Indo Intertex + Inatex will now take place on 30 March – 1 April, 2021.

Initially, we were optimistic that Indo Intertex would run this year and our principle focus was on ensuring that any new dates were ideally positioned to support all our customers on a more positive return to trading.  The dates that were given to us did not meet these criteria and so we have made the difficult decision not to run the event this year.

We appreciate that this is disappointing news, however, we have made this decision with everyone’s health and safety as our number one priority.  We can now look ahead to the 2021 edition with more certainty. 
We will continue our efforts for the Indo Intertex + Inatex exhibitions at full steam. We believe that our textile industry will be revitalized and reach a better point with the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

We once again thank all of our exhibitors, visitors, and partners for their patience and support during this challenging time, and we look forward to Indo Intertex returning next year with an even stronger event.