Indo Count, a specialised end-to-end bedding provider, announced its revenue from operations increased to Rs. 636.86 crore in third quarter (Q3) FY20, that ended on December 31, 2019, compared to Rs. 517.22 crore in same quarter prior year. Revenue for Q3 Year-over-Year (YoY) basis increased to Rs. 1,742.51 crore compared to Rs. 1,502.88 crore in FY19.  

Total expense in Q3 FY20 stood at Rs. 576.96 crore compared to Rs. 505.41 crore same period prior year. Total expense in Q3 YoY increased to Rs. 1,570.65 crore from Rs. 1,405.47 crore in same period prior year. 

Profit before tax in Q3 FY20 increased to Rs. 23.0 crore. Profit before tax in Q3 YoY basis decreased to Rs. 40.68 crore compared to Rs. 97.41 crore in same period prior year.