GHCL, an Indian leading chemical & textile company, has announced that during the market week, it launched fashion bedding and top of the bed (ToB) line. According to GHCL, its home textiles division continues to build on 4-pillar strategy of sustainability, traceability, innovation and recently added ‘excellence’ which is all about “exceeding expectations”.

“Being responsible is fundamental to GHCL’s mission statement and is the foundation for all product and process innovations. Our ongoing allegiance to sustainability, traceability and excellence has helped us create these innovative ranges which have the potential to reduce our environmental footprint. Our latest collections during this market are a reflection of our perseverance and promise towards better products and practices,” R S Jalan, MD at GHCL Ltd, said in a press release.

“Our mission on sustainability reaches new heights with our “Earthology” collection – eco cotton, eco corn cotton and eden dyes. These new sustainable ranges offer exciting new concepts of decomposable CVC fabrics – vegetable dyes and products made from renewable resources,” company stated in the release. “We present our (patent pending), new fit story called fab-fit luxe for the perfect fit on every bed. Fab-fit Luxe, the true sense of innovation, offers everyday benefits to the end consumer.”

Traceability being a strong “pillar of practice” at GHCL, has led us to develop ‘True Trace’ which is a platform based on QR code technology that has been fully implemented and audited by third party accreditations. ‘True Trace’ platform offers a wholistic B2B & B2C level of confidence for special cottons (viz Egyptian cotton and other such cottons) being bought – spun – woven – processed and made into bedlinen at GHCL.

Weavestry, the “best of all sheets” is made with a balanced hybrid weave and selected cotton fibres that are carefully woven and processed to perform at their best.

The “lazy sheet” designed for casual comfort is a part of our luxe – lounging bedding concept that provides cosy and comfortable solutions for an all-day bed and work from home themes.

“Inno- non-iron” delivers a completely new approach first in the market to the non-iron technology, for a perfect pristine sheet, wash after wash.

GHCL’s beauty range of sleep kits is a gift for someone you care and offers wellness benefits for a niche segment of customers.

“Our ‘TOB collections’ run very much in sync with our ‘Sheet World’ themes and fabric substrates and allow us to offer same innovation levels in our fashion bedding products. Our TOB ranges are scalable and sellable with core sheet lines to coordinate for the end customer,” company said.