According to the Union Minister for road transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, India still the fastest growing economy in the world and the most preferred investment destination in spite of the temporary economic crisis.

India has its huge population and skilled manpower to its advantage, and countries should look at investing in micro, small and medium enterprises, (MSMEs), infrastructure sectors, which promise “very good returns, Gadkari, who is also India’s MSME minister, said at the US India Business Council annual summit.

Gadkari added that the government was determined to increase its exports and reduce imports, with rural, backward, and tribal areas at the center of its focus.

“We are a big market, (with) skilled manpower. Our software engineers are the best in the world. Our priority is now to promote agro-MSME, forest MSME, food processing industries,” he added.

“My balance sheet is very strong. I am getting too much money from Indian bankers, LIC, and others. I don’t have any problems. That is why I am making so many road projects,” he said. “So this is an opportunity,” Gadkari added.

Author: munimji