The Government of India has imposed anti-dumping duty in the range of $125.21 per tonne and $138.97 per tonne on the import of jute sacking cloths from Bangladesh. The duty will be applicable for five years effective from June 18, 2019. The decision has been taken in response to a long-standing demand of the Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA).

Jute sacking cloth constitutes a major portion of total jute goods. At present, India levies duty ranging between $6.3 per tonne and $351.7 per tonne on import of jute yarn, sacking bags and hessian fabric (made from skin of jute plant).The latest decision will have a positive impact on West Bengal’s ailing jute sector, IJMA said. “It will help jute growers and jute mills in the state which are currently running at a very low capacity.”Anti-dumping duty is imposed once a country determines that its domestic industries are being hurt due to rise in low-priced imports.