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Published: September 17, 2020
Author: G.Thulessiraman

India has been looking out for building relations and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific for the purpose of embarking a new series of joint military exercises with France and Australia nations. They have deep interests in the southern Indian Ocean. This step if taken up by India, will create a tension situation at the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), as this area has already undergone border tensions and recent aggressive deployments by the PLA Navy in the region.

India has maintained relations with France and Australia in the past years which helps India to tie up with these countries too. This has helped in strengthening the bilateral relations with both France and Australia. These countries conduct regular joint training exercises which involves the navy and air force in the Indian ocean.

According to sources, a trilateral naval force is coming into development which is being discussed at the top level, the representatives involved at this stage includes the visit of the French defense minister Florence Parly earlier this month.

The representatives discussing this alliance are defense minister- Rajnath Singh and national security advisor- Ajit Doval. They are focusing on the upcoming security scenario and challenges in the Indian ocean region and stepping up cooperation.

The French ambassador told India’s Emmanuel Lenain that, “Minister Parly’s visit to India for the Rafale induction ceremony marked a new chapter in Indo-French defense ties and demonstrated the exceptional trust between our two countries. The minister also discussed in detail with minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval how to further intensify our maritime security cooperation in the Indo Pacific, with the goal in particular of carrying out increasingly ambitious joint naval exercises.”

India conducts a series named Varuna which involves various naval exercises with the French. It consists the last edition of featuring the French aircraft carrier FNS Charles de Gaulle, who monitors the marine version of the Rafale fighter jets and also the nuclear submarine.



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