The third edition of India Craft Week will be held from February 18-21, 2021. The virtual and on-ground showcase across Delhi-NCR aims to set a historic precedent by reviving, sustainably promoting, educating, supporting and paying tribute to exceptional craftsmanship, rare craft, brands, luxury, art & culture among both Indian and international audience.

India Craft Week is the premiere destination in India for advancing its mission of elevating and promoting fine craft, art and culture to those wanting to discover the finest Indian and global Craft.

It has done seminal work in gaining unique local and regional recognition for India’s craftsmen whose legacies are becoming lost due to the absence of sufficient viewers, collectors, promoters, curators or scholars.

As India’s official craft week, India Craft Week carries the mission of responsibly elevating Indian artisans, craftsmanship, art & culture through an unprecedented programme of: closed door conversations; parallel events across well-known luxury retail, institutions, embassies, luxury hospitality spaces, galleries & museums; international touring exhibitions showcasing National Award winning Indian artisans at London Craft Week; research, educational programmes and virtual discussions that seek to encourage cross-cultural dialogue about craft, art and cultural practice; active engagement with master artisans, the finest makers, brands, curators, educators and audiences in India; and develop networks of collaboration with museums, curators, cultural institutions and artists in regions with expertise and history of craft.

India Craft Week’s long-term perspective has been at the forefront of most of its activities. This includes curatorial exercises, research and filmmaking, craft appreciation masterclasses and educational initiatives, linking the financial and corporate sectors by way of talks, relationship building with institutions and craft week’s around the world.

The week showcases outstanding and prestigious works of the finest Shilp Guru, Padma Shri & National Award winning artisans, lifting them out of recent oblivion to get them their due appreciation, while aligning them with the finest institutions and brands.

More recently, India Craft Week has been successful in being called the second largest craft week in the world after its international counterpart – London Craft Week. It is supported by prestigious Indian organisations like the World Craft Council-APR, GMR, JW Marriott, British Council, Dalmia Bharat, Aditya Birla group, and ICCR.

The India Craft Week also hosts annual International Craft Awards that brings together and celebrates the work of unsung craft masters on a common platform.