While India continues to add more and more number of new novel Coronavirus infections every, day a definite slowdown is observable in some of the earlier troubled states.
Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have more than 6,000 confirmed cases each and are still contributing a significant number of new cases, but there is a noticeable decline in their growth rates for the last couple of weeks. Their growth rates have fallen comfortably below the national level.

Gujarat, in particular, has been showing an interesting trend. In the last three weeks, the number of new infections reported by the state every day have fallen very neatly into the 300-400 bracket.

Only one unusual spike was observed during this period, on May 16, when the state had reported over 1,000 cases, but that was because it had added more than 700 cases that were discovered during a week-long special drive to detect  infections those considered to be high-risk groups.
Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have also been reporting very steady numbers, between 150 and 300 infections every day.

Topten states with maximum caseload

While Gujarat has shown a decline in the growth rate of new infections, there is no let-up in the number of people dying in the state. Gujarat has one of the highest case-fatality ratio in the country.
So far, 829 people infected with novel Coronavirus have died in the state. In comparison, Tamil Nadu, which now has a higher number of cases, has recorded the death of only 103 people. Madhya
Pradesh and Rajasthan, on the other hand, have been reporting far lesser number of deaths now than they were doing a few days ago.