Bemberg™ breaking news

The precious smart fiber by Asahi Kasei inaugurates a brand new showroom in Hong Kong cementing its presence on the territory in partnership with its strategic partner CHH, launching a luxury Bemberg™ yarn dyed stock service for linings and introducing a Bemberg™ smart tag for linings fabrics.

Bemberg™’s new showroom in Hong Kong highlights a more engaging way of updating retail and it narrates a story of trust and partnership. Located on Flat A3, 6/F, Block A, Yee Lim Industrial Centre, 2 – 28 Kwai Lok Street, Kwan Chung, Hong Kong, the new showroom is the ultimate chapter of an over 50 years long partnership with the Cheung Hing Hong (CHH) Group. Like in New York City, the group’s showroom will host a special section dedicated to Bemberg™’s ultimate lining collections.

A space dedicated to the yarn manufacturers’ admirers like apparel brands, factories and tailors but also to design schools, colleges and private label designers. A space for inspiration and for business but also for learning, thanks to a programme of workshops.

Always at the helm of emerging global trends, Bemberg™ has launched a range of Bemberg™ luxury yarn dyed jacquard linings that can be customized following brands’ designs. The series is entirely and rigorously made in Japan and can meet all type of requests. Including also emerging brands and start-ups which generally place for smaller orders big companies cannot meet.

“We have chosen to cooperate with a Japanese producer to offer customized Bemberg™ yarn dyed Jacquard lining starting from 55 yards, per colour”, say At Bemberg™. The collection stands out for its attractive designs and the precious aesthetics while keeping its usual technical performances and the precious touch.

Bemberg™ has also launched a brand-new Bemberg™ tag to be applied on items with Bemberg lining for both the body and sleeve parts of the garment. The woven labels flags out that the fabric are 100% Bemberg™.

Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei is made from the smart-tech transformation of cotton linters pre-consumer materials and converted through a traceable and transparent closed loop process. Its uniqueness comes from its exceptional quality characteristics as the magnificent touch of the fabric that results soft and smooth like silk, second skin-like, shining, and bright. Bemberg™ boosts also antistatic and breathable performances and the fiber is also biodegradable and compostable.

Bemberg™’s new showroom confirms the will of the brand to enlarge its position in the market thanks to its valuable partnerships.