Avgol has announced a three-tier investment at its Uzlovaya plant that would strengthen the company’s position in existing markets while also allowing it to expand into new ones.
The inclusion of a high-speed, high-capacity adaptable Reicofil 5 manufacturing line accounts for the majority of the expenditure. At the Russia location, the company will also add a meltblown line as well as a new line with cutting-edge lamination capabilities. These expenditures will improve the company’s products in its current areas while also allowing it to explore new prospects in other markets.
Avgol, a Russian nonwoven fabric business, has announced a significant investment in its Russian production plant. The RF5 line, meltblown line, and lamination capabilities will be included in the new facilities. According to Bjornman, the acquisition will allow the firm to broaden its innovation portfolio while keeping faithful to its heritage.