Asta established the R&D and production technology centre, where many technologies for the combed cotton, chino and denim fabric industry are developed and produced.

The company, which organized the special ‘ASTA JUKI TECHNOLOGY DAYS’ for the opening, exhibited its new generation technology.

For almost 40 years, Astaş Juki has served the Turkish ready-to-wear apparel business. The Astaş Management, Marketing, and Technical Teams, as well as Japanese officials from Juki Corporation, were all present at the occasion. During the epidemic, Turkey’s ready-to-wear apparel exports increased significantly. The export number of 7 billion 634 million 816 thousand US Dollars in January-May 2021 increased by 35.7 percent compared to the same period the previous year.
According to the firm, as Europe moves forward, Astaş anticipates an increase in business in Turkey. Astas claims that Turkey’s capacity will become too congested to meet Europe’s demand. He says that the top garment companies in this industry are constructing more manufacturing facilities and expanding their investments in the incentive zones.